Sunstone (tumbled)
Sunstone (tumbled)

Sunstone (tumbled)

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Each sphere is between 3/4" - 1.5". Size and shape may vary due to their rough/raw nature. You will receive one intuitively chosen stone.

Healing Properties:

  • - Amplifies the vital life force within you
  • - Raises the vibration of your emotional patterns
  • - Used to help lift you from feelings of depression by bringing you the realisation that happiness is always available to you
  • - This stone sheds light on obstacles and brings luck and good fortune
  • - Sunstone teaches you to utilise your skills and abilities in service to others
  • - Brings you spiritual fortitude and self confidence so you can develop your spiritual gifts. This stone activates that part of you that remembers your spiritual magnificence.


    Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus

    Origin: India

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