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Each crystal is between 1" and 2". Size and shape may vary due to their nature. You will receive one intuitively chosen chunk.

"Everyone has a skill, gift or ability that they can utilize in service of Spirit."

Healing Properties:

  • - Helps you to understand your purpose in this life by showing you the gifts and abilities that have been hidden over time
  • - Helps you value your gifts and skills, and perfect them for yourself & others
  • - In meditation & dream work, Rhodonite can enhance the depth, clarity and meaning of your inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind the dreams and visions
  • - Rhodonite assists in seeing where your talents lie, and using those talents for the highest good of all
  • - Carries the energy of cooperative community
  • - Allows you to connect your heart and mind

Chakra: Earth Star, Root, Heart

Origin: Brazil

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