Obsidian Arrowheads

Obsidian Arrowheads

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Arrowheads symbolize courage, strength, and protection. Native Americans believed the arrowhead could deflect negative energy and allow the wearer to absorb their enemy's power. You can use wire and wrap these up for a protective pendant or add it to your altar to honor your ancestors, either way they are a must have!


Each arrowhead is between 1.5" and 2" long. Size and shape may vary due to their rough nature. You will receive one intuitively chosen piece.

Healing Properties: 

Obsidian (Black Obsidian)

  • - Eliminates, absorbs, & forms a shield against negative energies
  • - Blocks psychic attacks
  • - Cleanses the auric field
  • - Good for grounding
  • - Cleanses negative emotional patterns
  • - Removes blockages in the meridian system, the path which qi travels through the body

Origin: Mexico

Chakra: Root

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