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Lavender is bound to Mercury and Air. Because of its delightful fragrance and its light, flowery taste, it has been used for thousands of years magically for its calming, peaceful, and sedating effects.  It is often included in love spells and rituals because of it's attractive scent, and is used as an ingredient in spells for attracting money.

For love, peace and good health, place Lavender flowers in a sachet to be carried on the person. Carrying a sachet or amulet containing lavender is also said to attract spirits or otherworldly entities. Fresh flowers can be rubbed on clothing for attracting love. For peaceful sleep, use a few drops of essential oil on the sheets or pillows before bed. For relaxation, purification baths, or aromatherapy purposes, run bathwater over fresh sprigs or place a few drops of oil in the bath. Make a tea from fresh or dried lavender flowers for relaxation, peace, health, longevity, protection, and love - however, do not use a tea directly before a night of passion, as due to its relaxant and sedative properties, it will decrease sex drive.

Dried lavender stalks burn like incense sticks, and can be included in spells and rituals aimed attracting money, love, protection, and success. Individual flowers can also be dried and burned similarly for the same purposes. For sleep divination, place lavender sprigs under the pillow before bed while thinking about your desire. If you dream about anything related, you will get what you desire.

This product is sold as 1oz and comes in a re-usable jar for your convenience. 

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