Blessed Black Salt - Sal Negro - 10oz
Blessed Black Salt - Sal Negro - 10oz

Blessed Black Salt - Sal Negro - 10oz

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Black Salt has been used for generations for things such as cleansing, protection, banishing, & hexing/cursing, spellwork, etc. I created this tool because I was led to. When starting your spiritual journey, not a lot of people tell you that you should be doing shadow work and PROTECTION rituals regularly! So this is my gift to you, those who are new on the journey and those who are seasoned. 

Typically used in Hoodoo and Santeria religions, black salt can be made and used by anyone in need of protection - it’s your intent that counts. Sprinkle it in front of the doors of your home to keep evil spirits and people who mean to do you harm from entering, drop some in a persons footsteps when they leave to keep them from coming back, roll a black candle in it and ask for protection, use it in your banishing and cleansing rituals or put in a mojo bag to keep with you for protection - there are so many ways to use black salt, and this resealable pouch has just enough to do a few of them. 


This salt has been prayed over, cleansed with Florida Water, and blessed by my benevolent Ancestors as well as a sound bath with a quartz singing bowl. Made with all natural ingredients and charged under the new moon.



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