Late Night Writes #1

You know that moment when everything in regards to a person or situation suddenly makes perfect sense? You’ve been brooding over it constantly, trying to make the dots connect, but they just won’t. It’s usually after something painful happened. They won't connect, until you experience an awakening of some sort that triggers the whole story to replay in your mind like a flashback. Now, what seemed to be a 1000 piece, single color puzzle — is simply 2+2. 


Sometimes, that thing you thought you would never make it through is what triggers your ascension. It's the catalyst for your energetic upgrade. Tough love if you will. We spend so much time focused on the things and people around us, that we forget to tap in and see where we're at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It wasn't adding up before because we weren't seeing clearly, blinded by distractions. Lost in the sauce. At some point, we are led to tap in. When we find ourselves becoming destructive, bored, careless, detached, or emotionally unstable -- it's time to have a talk with your higher self. You always know when YOU might be the issue.

You might have to fall with the foundations that crumble as you literally retrain yourself, but remember when the bricks and dust settle, you will be better. You'll be that much closer to the real you, not the one based off the teachings of others. Not the you that was created by pain and anger. You'll be the you that you always wanted to show the world, but never had the courage to. You'll be the version of you who knows no limits, who lives a life with *fewer* internal conflicts. You will have grown, but never forget that growth isn't linear. You will back pedal. Your free will may drag you off the paved road, but you have to find the strength to keep going. It's a lifestyle baby. You may have times where you feel alone. Empty. Deserted and cold. Determined, but stressed. Drained. "Is it over yet, fuck!?!?" It ain't lol. But stay the course, you'll love the outcome. 

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